Expert Pet Care You Can Trust

The decision about who to choose to care for your pet is important to get right first time. We treat your furry friends with the love and care they deserve, and it’s really important to us that you can relax, knowing your pet is in safe hands. With 11 years of experience delivering top-quality professional pet care and dog walking services, we know that clients appreciate our expertise, because we’ve received hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials.

Professional Care From Our Qualified Team

For your peace of mind and to ensure your pet receives the highest standard of care, all of our dog walkers and pet carers are DBS (formerly CRB) checked and have completed the following training:

Dog Care Level 2
Cat Care Level 2
Pet First Aid Level 2
Advanced Pet First Aid Level 3
Canine First Aid Level 2

Dog Walking Services

We walk dogs in all weathers and offer services typically 5 days a week. In some circumstances we are also able to accommodate walks 7 days a week. We walk dogs between the hours of 9am and 5pm typically and ask owners to select a two-hour window when they’d like walks to take place. We always try to offer the requested time slot wherever possible.

Thanks to our dedicated team of professional dog walkers we are almost always able to arrange cover in the event that an individual walker is unwell or unable to work. This means your pet will never be without their scheduled care.

Group Walks

Dogs are usually walked in a small group, with other well-socialised dogs. This enables your dog to interact and socialise with others leaving them happy and well-exercised. We always try to match walking companions to the best of our ability, so they get the best out of their Group Walk. Most dog owners choose this service as standard and you can choose from a 30 minute or 1 hour walk to suit your preference. We are pleased to be able to offer discounts for households with multiple dogs (please check out our Price List for details).

Solo Walks (1:1)

We know that some dogs prefer to have their walker to themselves so we offer 1:1 “Solo Walks” as an alternative to Group Walks. If you’re looking for a tailored experience for your pet, you might want to choose this option to ensure your dog receives undivided attention. Solo Walks are available for either 30 minutes or an hour to suit you and your pet.

Pet Care Services

Puppy Visits

Are you planning to bring a puppy into the family? This is a very exciting time for you, and Hope’s Happy Hounds would love to be a part of the fun! Puppies should never really be left for more than 2-3 hours, and we know how difficult it can be when you have to work.

Our puppy visits include the following:

Feeding your puppy if required
Refilling their water
Garden play if required
Cleaning up any accidents
Giving your puppy play time, company, lots of cuddles and attention
Changing puppy training pads when needed

Puppies between the ages of 8-12 weeks will often require extra care and attention (for example: feeding) as they require 3 meals a day, cleaning up of accidents, toilet training, and companionship.

Once your puppy has had their injections we can start to introduce them to the world! We will start taking them out for short walks, socialising them with other dogs and people. We can reinforce any training you and your puppy have started. We recommend five minutes of exercise per month of age, up to twice a day, until they are fully grown. Then they can go out for longer.

Please make sure your puppy is microchipped and has a collar or harness with a tag.

Specialist Dog Care

Sometimes dogs need a little extra TLC – perhaps they’re elderly or unwell and can’t quite manage a walk. Or perhaps they require a Solo Walk but there is an additional risk presented by their medical condition. This shouldn’t mean they miss out.

Our team can provide care for dogs with additional needs, such as:

Adminstering medication
Sitting with your dog at home
Offering attention and cuddles
Letting your dog out into the garden
Taking your dog out for a Solo Walk
Feeding your dog if required
Refilling their water
Changing pads if required
Clearing up any accidents or mess

Please note our team are not trained or qualified in animal medicine.

Cat Care and Little Pet Care

We offer home visits to care for your cats and little pets when you’re not able to. These visits last up to an hour, and are tailored to your specific needs.

Home visits may include:

Feeding your pets
Refilling their water
Changing cat litter trays
Cleaning out animal cages
Changing bedding

Some owners also ask us to give their pets some love and attention while we are visiting. We’re always happy to oblige! We’ll work with you to put together your Pet Care Plan to ensure we provide exactly what your pets need so that you can rest assured they are well taken care of.


Questions about our services?

If you  have any questions about our services or pricing, please do get in touch and we’d be more than happy to help.